Coming from the ground
Come by train
or by car.
Coming by the ground
Come by train or by car..

Whether you are an exhibitor or a visitor, you have to follow "Aerodrome Bois Le Breuil" from Blois and Vendôme and then you will see the entrance of the Mondial de l'ULM. 

If you arrive by the shuttle bus, it will drop you off at the exhibition entrance.

If you arrive on foot, the small exhibition train will pick you up in front of the terminal and drop you off at the exhibition entrance.

Parking is free and the entrance to the exhibition is located in the centre of the exhibition where you will find the ticket office.

The entrance price is 12 euros, your bracelet is valid for the duration of the show.

Admission is free for minors (18 years old).


As part of our sustainable development approach, we invite you to use carpooling to come to the Mondial ULM.

For this, we created the event on the CoviEvent website, to connect drivers and passengers interested in carpooling.

Click HERE to offer seats in your car (driver) or search for a car to go to the Mondial ULM (passenger).


We have established a partnership with 2 taxi companies :

  • Mon T'y Taxi : +33 6 69 17 95 10
  • Lila Taxi : +33 7 85 25 78 26