The Blois exhibition an institution!
The Blois exhibition - an institution!


Mondial de l'ULM 2023 : Simple & Fun

For this 2023 edition, our three main objectives remain the same :

- To bring together the entire ultralight family, through its 6 classes. Whether you're attracted by paramotors, retro machines, gyrocopters celebrating their first centenary, avant-garde machines, novelties or breathtaking displays, there will be something for everyone.

- Showcase the diversity and creativity of French and European manufacturers and equipment suppliers.

- Make the Mondial a festive gathering, a place to meet and exchange best practices. We've added concerts to the program on Friday and Saturday evenings, followed by DJ nights in the paramotor village.

In a social context where the image of aviation has been profoundly altered, it's important to present a dynamic and innovative image. It's also important to communicate and show what brings us together. If you want to fly high-performance, innovative, energy-efficient machines that are also fun to fly, ULM is the best choice.

"He who does not know where he comes from cannot know where he is going."

With this in mind, the focus will be on 4 villages :

Paramotor village: Prestigious patrons will be in the spotlight.

Autogyro village: 100 years is a reason to celebrate.

Retro village: presentation of historic machines, restoration and amateur construction. Enthusiasts will be on hand to answer all your questions.

Village fédéral: The heart of the show, with your elected representatives, your regional committees, the store, and conferences on a wide range of topics. The place to be for exchanges and information.
See you from September 1 to 3 at MULM 2023 for even more sharing and diversity !

The French Microlight Federation