Why exhibit?
What does the Blois exhibition represent?
Why exhibit?
What does the Blois exhibition represent?

Ideal conditions
The Mondial de l’ULM is able to offer you ideal conditions to present and promote your company. In this event, you will meet your target group. Exhibitors will be able to fly with their microlights during tests and flying presentations.
Image and notoriety
The Mondial de l’ULM is the biggest european microlight event in Europe. No other show brings together the heart of the sector like the Mondial de l'ULM. It’s a showcase for all the products and aircrafts available. Your presence at the Mondial de l’ULM increases your reputation and the image of your company through a personalised contact.
Technology showcase & market monitoring
The Mondial de l’ULM is the time to present your new products or developments. The Mondial de l'ULM will allow you to measure the technological evolutions and to ensure you a competitive position compared to the other actors.
Offers adapted to your needs
We propose different types of stands : paramotor village, exhibition areas in front of the track or central area… Each space answers to everybody’s needs at an adapted price.
A place to meet
The Mondial de l’ULM est the place to meet new people to create links with your clients and other companies. Animations planned will be an opportunity to exchange in a less formal and more convivial place.
Develop your sales
The Mondial de l'ULM is an excellent way to develop your sales, thanks to a public that knows what it's doing and wants to know what's new. Enthusiasts and neophytes alike will have the opportunity to meet, discuss and exchange ideas.