We are implementing a cashless solution at the Mondial ULM. At the entrance, we will give you a bracelet with a chip on which you can credit money and thus consume on site. It also avoids standing line at food stands !

This bracelet will also certify that you have presented your health pass so that you do not have to present each entry or exit!



  • Faster and easier : Fewer waiting line at food stands and at the Federation store.
  • More secure: No more cash, your bracelet serves as an electronic wallet. Your money is safe around your wrist throughout the festival. No more exchanges of cash from hand to hand and thus avoid transmissions of Covid19.
  • Free ! The bracelet is free and there is no charge for crediting money on the bracelet.

Your "Cashless" bracelet is an electronic wallet. It is not linked to your bank account. You cannot be debited beyond the amount you have credited.


Your "Cashless" bracelet will be the only way to pay for your meals at the catering stands and your purchases at the store at the FFPLUM stand. Your bracelet is free and will serve as an electronic wallet to easily pay for your purchases. To pay for your orders, all you have to do is swipe the chip on your bracelet on the payment terminal. With each transaction, your account balance is communicated to you.

“Traditional” payment such as credit cards or cash can be used if you make purchases from exhibitors.


How do I know my balance?

You can request your balance at the cashless stands and at the main entrance.

How do I credit money to my bracelet?

You can credit in two ways:

  • Online on this page with a credit card payment
  • On site at the cashless recharging stands with a credit card or cash payment at the main entrance.

There will be no charge for crediting money on your bracelet.

PLEASE NOTE: No ATM is installed on the event.

I lost my bracelet, what should I do ?

In case of loss of the bracelet, it will be possible to request a new bracelet at the main entrance. By going to a cashless recharge stand, it will be possible to block your lost bracelet and to credit the balance on a new bracelet. If purchases have been made in the meantime, the amount consumed cannot be re-loaded onto the new bracelet. You will be asked for 1 € to have this new bracelet: this can be debited from the remaining cashless balance.

Where can I use my cashless card?

You can pay in cashless at the following places :

  • At the food stands and food truck
  • The federal store at the FFPLUM stand

Exhibitors will not be equipped with cashless payment terminals. Each exhibitor will manage their payments in the event.

What payment methods on site ?

You can recharge your cashless bracelet:

  • with a credit card at the cashless recharging stands
  • in cash at the main entrance of the show

PLEASE NOTE: No ATM is installed on the event.

You credit too much money?

No worries, you will be able to request a refund on site during the event or on this page after the event within 15 days, i.e. before Sunday, September 19, 2021.

Processing fee: 0.5 € will be debited from the balance for each refund request.